Flower Essences F.A.Q.

If you listen close enough the flowers will speak to you; what will they say?

What are flower essences (FES) and what are they used for?

Flower essences (FES) are flowers infused with water that take on the vibrational energy of the flower, water and either sunshine or moonlight. They are preserved in alcohol such as brandy, but there are no physical signs of this when tested. They can be made during the solstices and other special environments and/or conditions.

FES are used to help us heal ourselves on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually while harmonizing our imbalances by stimulating our unique vibrational pattern.  It is brilliant in the way that it is self adjusting to each individuals needs.

What are the advantages of using flower essences?

There are many advantages of using FES and the biggest one is that there are no adverse side effects. They are completely safe for ANYONE to use. There is only positive energy flowing through them. Spirit and harmony work in unison so there can be dramatic effects if one is open to change.

What is the difference between flower essences and essential oils?

FES should not be confused with Essential oils (EOS). FES focus on the vibrational level and EOS focus is on the physical properties. FES has no aroma unlike EOS and in addition EOS is extracted from the plant where the FES is transference of energy. EOS does have some contraindications of uses with children and pregnant women, where FES has no adverse side effects.

What if I already take medications?

FES does not contain any physical or chemical properties so they cannot have side effects with your current medications and you cannot overdose on them nor have an allergic reaction to them. FES are vibrational in nature and can work very effectively with your current medications and at times have helped some people wean off their prescription medications; of course you should ALWAYS speak with your doctor first.

Who can use flower essences?

FES are so safe that anyone can use them, including children, women in their first trimester of pregnancy, breast feeding mothers and animals. Even individuals who are very sick can use FES They contain no chemicals so there is no worry of allergic reactions either. They are completely safe, natural and non habit forming.

Who will get the most benefits from using flower essences?

Anyone who wants change or balance will benefit from using FES, they are energetic rather than biochemical; meaning they will not cover up symptoms, they will transform them by appealing to your awareness on a vibrational level.

Why use flower essences?

FES has a subtle way of helping us to heal and grow. We all have stressors we deal with in our daily lives or we are dealing with past traumas, this is a very natural way to dissolve our negative beliefs and assists us to see the positive qualities we possess, which can bring us joy, happiness and love of self. If you want to encourage lasting changes on a conscious level then you could see some amazing shifts in your emotions and behaviors.

Why are flower essences so therapeutic?

FES are therapeutic because of their very high energetic level of vibration. The positive energetic vibration resonates with one’s personal energy field and this helps to create changes in the individual vibrational energy. Flowers have an amazing capacity to harmonize energy and restore balance; it is a beautiful phenomenon of nature. One will not have to relive past trauma or any emotional pain, because before you notice it, they will release themselves gently from you.

Where are flower essences made?

FES are made in many areas, but generally have some common ground: first a sacred union with the flower or space to give thanks and to increase the vibrational qualities, because the more you give to it, the more it gives back to you. They can be made in your own organic garden or they can be in their natural habitat. Anyone can make FES if they have the intention to do so. Many essence makers believe the flower finds them and not vice versa and this is where they listen to what the flowers have to say. Whatever intentions you have when you are bonding with the flower will be the energy you put into the essence, so be mindful of your intentions. Respect nature and the process of creating essences.

When do you know if the flower essences are working?

The first thing you should know is that you have to be willing to ‘heal thyself’ if you want these to work to the best of their ability; you have to also have a willingness and commitment to change which is the energy that equals success. Anything with a life force can be changed because FES works with triggers of physical issues by restoring us to a state of balance. If you are closer to your true self, then you know they are working. Through a healthy balance and realizing our own personal perfection, we can find our own personal joy and happiness. Happiness is our natural state; FES brings us back to nature.

How do I know which flower essence to choose?

There are many ways to determine which FES to take, from questionnaires to personal preferences. I believe you should ask yourself what your concerns are centered on and why you chose this path to begin with; your main soul issue, if you will. Next you could find flowers you are attracted to (even if it is a picture of a flower). We are all striving for balance which can be a spiraling path to our evolution, so it is feasible to choose your own essence without the assistance of a practitioner. Don’t worry about choosing the wrong one because even if you chose one that you didn’t need, nothing will happen and remember there are no negative side effects.

How do I use flower essences and how often?

There is a standard answer for this, but it can be easily adaptable to you. The general rule of thumb is four (4) drops, up to four (4) times/day. This can be taken orally, from a mister bottle, in a bath, on your pulse points or rubbed in your palms and inhaled. However you choose is up to you. You can use up to five (5) different essences combined and you can take essences in a normal cycle for two-four weeks. If you need to take them longer feel free to do so; it is probably more beneficial to take fewer drops more often if you need to. Some people have a concern about the alcohol that is used as a preservative, if this sounds like you, you can dilute of few drop of your essence in a glass of water or you can boil the alcohol out by putting the drops in a hot cup of tea and remember you can always use it externally as described above.


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