Guided Meditation F.A.Q.

What Is Meditation?

According to Webster, meditation is:”MEDITA’TION, noun [Latin meditatio.] Close or continued thought; the turning or revolving of a subject in the mind; serious contemplation.” I like to think of it as a deep state of relaxation and calmness for contemplation and reflection for mind rest.

Why Meditate?

There are a plethora of reasons to meditate, but I will break them down by physical and psychological reasons


Increases serotonin and dopamine; these are our internal mood stabilizers, so you can see why that would be helpful.

Increases muscle relaxation, so bye-bye tension and stress

Boosts the immune system thanks to our pre-frontal cortex which is where we have direct communication with the brain and immune system via hippocampus and anterior insula (right side proper).

Reduces blood pressure and heart rate and increases blood flow which directly aids in coping of daily stressors.

Reduces cortisol (this is a biggie). Cortisol is the main stress hormone of the body; responsible for metabolism and immune and stress responses. Cortisol is the “alarm system” which alerts us to fears and regulates motivation which in turn can increase inflammation under stressful situations.

Increased blood flow to the brain (making you even smarter) increases the thickness and volume of the brain. This is directly related to improving memory.


Reduces stress and anxiety

Slows down breathing and heart rate

Increases positive moods, making us feel less defensive and more easily balanced.

Increases awareness through the pre-frontal cortex, this area is responsible for focus, concentration and problem solving. Stimulating this area wakes our “learning center”

Increasing empathy and compassion, allows us to consider others which increases our sense of purpose and meaning. This gives rise to better understanding of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships

Connection to self gives way to connection to others and since we are social beings, it is of the utmost importance to be able to communicate with others. Communication is a fundamental need in socialization and meditation allows us to be “present” in conversation.


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