Love You Best offers many services to help you navigate life just a little easier, here they are and below you will find a brief description

  • Aroma Therapy
  • Cooking Classes and Cooking Tips along with some Recipes
  • Flower Essences
  • Gardening Tips
  • Guided Meditation
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Label Reading and Pantry Makeovers
  • Meal Prepping
  • Nutritional Life Coaching (for the young and young at heart)
  • Reflexology
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Weight Management

Here is a brief description of some of what I offer:

Hypnotherapy is a way to reach the subconscious mind (where we store our life history) and once we reach that, we are more open to accepting change through suggestion; this is why lasting change can occur through Hypnotherapy making it very viable for weight management and smoking cessation.

I would love to get together with you and your family in order to support your families eating habits, cooking methods, recipes and while we are at it we can look over your pantry to see what we can eliminate or add. I would be happy to teach you what to look for on food labels so as to know what is important. If you are interested in saving money and bonding with Mother Nature, I can lend a hand in providing information on what to grow, when to grow it and how to add a sprinkle of love into all your meals and your garden.

Guided meditation combines mind-body techniques that further enhance health, happiness, and empowerment and it does this because of the subconscious mind which is responsible for trillions of cells and all 12 systems of running the body. This is beautiful and allows for self-healing through creativity while promoting deep relaxation; restoring balance can improve sleep patterns, but most of all, it helps your brain to slow down and enjoy life enough for you to accept yourself, or… Love You Best. It’s true; the most important investment you can make is in yourself.

Flower Essences and Aroma Therapy are amazing modalities that support self-healing, encourage balance, provide energy boosts and reduces stress among many other benefits.

Disclaimer: Flower Essences are safe for anyone young and old alike, but Aroma Therapy does come with some contraindications, do the research first before using if you do not seek it professionally.

Lastly, Reflexology is an ancient technique that includes pressure points on the feet most commonly, but also the hands and ears and it is an “unnerving” treatment if you will. What I mean by that is, it stimulates your nerves which can be beneficial in circulation, an increase of energy, induces relaxation and could aid in toxin removal.

Please scroll for pricing on our services and products.

Ask about the different ways to use our services.

Guided Meditation

Initial Visit 60 minutes; $40.00/person (discount for 3 or more)


Initial visit 60 minutes; $85.00

Follow up visits: 30 minutes; $45.00

Pay for both upfront, receive $10 off Combined; $120.00

Nutritional Coaching for young and young at heart

Initial visit 60 minutes; $85.00

Follow up visits: 30 minutes; $45.00

Pay for both upfront, receive $10 off Combined; $120.00

Flower Essences Pricing varies

General Life Coaching done organically

Initial visit 60 minutes; $85.00

Follow up visits: 30 minutes; $45.00

Pay for both upfront, receive $10 off Combined; $120.00

Toe Reading

Initial Visit 60 minutes; $50.00

Follow up Visits 30 minutes; $30.00

Pay for both upfront, receive $10 off Combined; 70.00

Combination Packages

Kids Program: This package includes two (2) sessions of 30 minutes each, the activity and coloring pages along with 2 organic packages of seeds. 60 minutes; $125.00

Immediate S.O.U.L fullness: The package includes:

  • The initial visit (60 minutes)
  • One (1) follow up visit (30 minutes), two (2) weeks after your initial
  • Email support for 30 days 90 minutes;$150.00

Feeding the family: This package can include any combination from below:

Shopping Tours 60 minutes; $50.00

Pantry makeover 60 minutes; $50.00

Recipes (2) and cooking class in your home 90 minutes; $150.00

Cooking class of 3 people, plus recipe 90 minutes; $400.00

Group cooking will reduce the price. Pricing varies with selection, the more you choose, the bigger the discount. Prices do not include cost of food; the cooking classes are priced per person.


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